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The paintings are based on a series of photographs I took in a kindergarten where I worked in the kibbutz. The opportunity to observe from the sidelines the children's initial attempts to understand the world around them made me think of childhood memories. What do we remember? What "really" happened? And how much do we mix stories or photos with an actual experience?

I plunged into a fascinating journey. Mixing brain science, cognitive psychology, gestalt, art history, and personal experiences. (read more)

In the end, I return to the only format I can truly rely on - the canvas. Flat concrete shapes. that can be marked by line or color. This is real. Tangible. This is the maximum I have in painting.

In an attempt to recreate the experience of memory, I leave parts of the images obscured. Parts are deleted. Blurred. Parts that are scratched or engraved on. Asking when the image becomes an abstract experience? And wondering together with the viewer where something begins and where it ends.

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